• N-series and X-seriesMass Production Drilling and Routing Systems
    N-series and X-series
    Mass Production Drilling and Routing Systems
  • Optiflex IIPost Etch Punch
    Optiflex II
    Post Etch Punch
  • Micro Mill DH and MX1 MetalMetal Machining and Combi Metal Machining
    Micro Mill DH and MX1 Metal
    Metal Machining and Combi Metal Machining
  • MXY CCDHighly Accurate Drilling and Routing Machine
    Highly Accurate Drilling and Routing Machine
  • Cube and ModulFlexible Drilling and Routing Machines
    Cube and Modul
    Flexible Drilling and Routing Machines
  • Speedmaster HDIHigh-Speed Drilling and Routing Machine
    Speedmaster HDI
    High-Speed Drilling and Routing Machine
  • XRC and XRIX-Ray Machines
    XRC and XRI
    X-Ray Machines
  • MXY2 XXLHighly Flexible Drilling and Routing Machine
    MXY2 XXL
    Highly Flexible Drilling and Routing Machine
  • Laser CutLaser Cutting and Profiling System
    Laser Cut
    Laser Cutting and Profiling System
  • Pico DrillFully Automated Laser Drill
    Pico Drill
    Fully Automated Laser Drill
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Intectiv kauft Schmoll's 100. Laser-Maschine

Intectiv buys Schmoll's 100th Laser Machine

Intectiv sagt dazu:
Intectiv says:

"New standards are being set with a high level of development and technologically innovative solutions, thus moving the limits of the possible and therefore encouraging the progress of electronic and electrical industry of local and other highly demanding foreign markets. Our basic wiew of future is 5G technology. And for that we need right tools. And we get the best one: From Schmoll.

So here's the way we describe what's happening in our industry and how it effects each one of you:

Today, if you are selling industrial, medical or military grade 5G devices, you really care about just one thing - will my device work reliably, everywhere, 100% of the time.

If you are having trouble imagining the need for such reliability, think of a train of 10 automated cars running 130 kilometers an hour down a highway, within 10 centimeters bumper to bumper,sensors figuring out speed, distance, track position hundred times per second and communicating with minimal latency to data centers running software that keep the cars in sync and passengers alive.

Success comes down to the ability of the circuit board, to accurately channel the changing physical reality into a constant digital data stream. Our solution for such techologies is called INTEC 5G, a 3-stage program for PROTOTYPING, MARKET ENTRY and SCALE UP of circuit boards for new products.

We take your design, improve and optimize layout, suggest materials selection and architecture, increasine reliability and function. Then build the improved design in a 200 step process. All this in under 2 weeks. Out of 100 PCB manufacturers in Europe, we are one of only 3 to 5 that can deliver this level of performance fast, reliable and economical. Clients who turn to us for help with next generation 5G products are multinational technology conglomerates with billions in turnover. Intectiv's strategy is primarily based on the development and modernization of technology to produce HDI boards and prototypes. Our main advantages are high-tech production and expertise, continuous improvement and development, as well as flawless support to the customers with fast and quality production. Printed circuit boards can be produced and delivered within 24 hours.

With over 100 highly qualified staff members and following the latest environmental and technological ISO and UL standards, our products have become an indispensable element of new technology final products. We are sure that we can keep high standards, quality levels and introduced inplementation of high 5G technology in demanded time. And the new Schmoll machine will help us to do that well and sucessfully."


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