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MXY CCD Systems - Camera Supported Drilling and Routing on Multiple Stations

Link: Flexible 1-Spindle Systems with CCD Option >>


The trend toward even smaller tools and thus closer tolerances requires a process to register the PCB surface. Here, for high-precision drilling or routing, the optical registration with the help of the CCD camera
is established and accepted.


All types of the MXY series are equipped with CCD - camera. Individual linear motors for all axes at all stations provide high acceleration and a maximum speed with the highest accuracy.


This combination of mechanical components and optical systems meets perfect the requirements of the current generations in the circuit board industry.


With the optical registration, different geometries can be used. The operator can choose between a circle, block or cross as a function.


Furthermore, the PCB can be registered as a complete panel or separated with the help of a multi-zone measuring for an individual calculation for higher accuracy in defined parts of the circuit board.


The data and the correction values ??of the panel can be stored centrally and being used later on for the drilling program. Corrections of the XY offset, shrinking or stretching and rotation can be identified and integrated as a correction value.


Typical Applications

Drilling spindles with up 300 krpm


Panels of up to a size of 600 x 660 mm



Linear motor for all axes at each spindle


offset, rotation, shrinking and stretching


Loader system


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