• N-series and X-seriesMass Production Drilling and Routing Systems
    N-series and X-series
    Mass Production Drilling and Routing Systems
  • Optiflex IIPost Etch Punch
    Optiflex II
    Post Etch Punch
  • Micro Mill DH and MX1 MetalMetal Machining and Combi Metal Machining
    Micro Mill DH and MX1 Metal
    Metal Machining and Combi Metal Machining
  • MXY CCDHighly Accurate Drilling and Routing Machine
    Highly Accurate Drilling and Routing Machine
  • Cube and ModulFlexible Drilling and Routing Machines
    Cube and Modul
    Flexible Drilling and Routing Machines
  • Speedmaster HDIHigh-Speed Drilling and Routing Machine
    Speedmaster HDI
    High-Speed Drilling and Routing Machine
  • XRC and XRIX-Ray Machines
    XRC and XRI
    X-Ray Machines
  • MXY2 XXLHighly Flexible Drilling and Routing Machine
    MXY2 XXL
    Highly Flexible Drilling and Routing Machine
  • Laser CutLaser Cutting and Profiling System
    Laser Cut
    Laser Cutting and Profiling System
  • Pico DrillFully Automated Laser Drill
    Pico Drill
    Fully Automated Laser Drill
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Schmoll Maschinen - Hightech Made in Germany

Schmoll Maschinen is a supplier of machine tool and mass production solutions for electronic and micro structuring applications with more than sixty years of engineering experience. The solution portfolio covers all performance relevant steps for mechanical and laser micro machining, and is complemented by automation technology.


Customers in the PCB Electronic industry and related markets like Solar and LED appreciate our comprehensive experience in Laser processing. This make us a valuable partner for high-volume production as well as for research and development.


We are one of the leading manufactures in the world of production solutions for the electronic industry. The name Schmoll stands for reliability, innovation and technological market leadership.


Based on a natural granite platform with linear drives and direct linear measurement system, our laser machines guarantee high accuracy and productivity for your production. For small lot application, our laser machine offers optimal flexibility for your capacity planning. For mass production solution we can offer different automation loading and unloading devices.


More than 3000 machines are applied within a wide variety of manufacturing processes for applications of daily or industrial use. With more than 200 employees in Rödermark near Frankfurt am Main we produce more than 70 machines per month. To provide our customers with a global infrastructure we have a sales and service organization with more than 180 employees even in Asia.

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Schmoll Maschinen GmbH
Odenwaldstraße 67
D-63322 Rödermark/Ober-Roden

Phone: +49 60 74 89 01-0
Fax: +49 60 74 89 01-58

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